My Local Cafe

By Ben Odero 10/10/2015

One could be forgiven for missing this deceptive little gem of a cafe on Lewisham High Street.

Located on the opposite side of a daily open-air market just outside Lewisham Shopping Centre, Chef’s Treat is not your average cafe. Surviving in the vicinity of a pub and fast food restaurant, its culinary uniqueness is a cross between a local cafe and a local pub.

The 54-seater cafe is a family-run breakfast-at-any-time “Treat” that lives up to expectations. Run by the same people for 20 years, its clientele is very family-oriented.

The decor is basic and clean while the menu reveals a variety of simple competitively priced dishes and choice of drinks and desserts. For £7 my “Treat” started with coffee, accompanied by the “Olympic Breakfast” consisting of fried onions, three sausages, two fried eggs, baked beans and mushrooms.

Aplatter courtesy of Chef's Treat, Lewisham

A platter courtesy of Chef’s Treat, Lewisham

With average prices of £4 for salads, £4.80 for breakfast dishes, £3 for burgers, £5 for fish meals, £2 kids meals, £1.80 for sandwiches one cannot go wrong. Easing the digestion is an array of drinks and desserts for an average of £3.

Marie, from Surrey Quays, a grandmother of two, “Treats” her grandchildren every Sunday after attending the nearby church. She says: “I have been coming to this place for more than 20years as I used to live in Lewisham and came here every time after my shopping or church on Sunday. The food is simple but the service and price have always remained attractive. Most importantly are the friendly staff and the friendly atmosphere.”

Considering Marie now lives 4miles away, she said: “There are very few of these places that are distinctly as family-friendly as this place. My grandchildren look forward to Sunday church service followed by a visit to this place.”

It is Sunday night almost 19:00hrs yet there are a few people still trickling in to be served. Monday to Sunday 08:00 to 19:00hrs seems not to be enough for everyone.

With bus routes galore outside the café and both DLR and over-ground rail stations a walking distance, a car is not required when indulging in this “Treat”.

Chef’s Treat, 161 Lewisham High Street SE13 (020 83186024)


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