This site is a manifestation of my desire to get into journalism as a medium of expression for my passionately held interests on subjects that affect all our lives. These can be categorised into the following non-exclusive list:

  • journalism
  • law and justice
  • current affairs
  • health
  • politics
  • nutrition and
  • travel.

My desire to get published was borne out of researching violations of The Rule of Law and abuse of Civil liberties for my legal studies dissertation. The research took me into various avenues of democracy and Rule of Law which brought out lingering questions that could not fit into the remit of the dissertation.

Hopefully this journey will give me the experience and exposure required for me to serve my ultimate aim of taking my Rule of Law material into academic publishing.

It is therefore my hope that after you have visited this site, you will continue to morally support me on my journey to inform.

In the meantime please respect my intellectual property and copyright:

Dura lex sed lex